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Aya Chebbi

In celebration of Africa Day on the 25th May, this week MCA are highlighting the achievements of inspiring young Africans who are having a global impact in their field:


Aya Chebbi is a blogger and activist from Tunisia. She rose to prominence in 2010 when she joined others in protesting for political change in her country.  The protests in Tunisia sparked similar revolutions across the Arab world; a historic political moment that is now known as the Arab Spring.

As a result of her activism and ability to use social media to inspire change, she’s founded multiple platforms that promote intergenerational leadership in Africa.  she is also the youngest diplomat at the African Union.

“Where you sit when you’re old shows where you stood in your youth. If you don’t take risks when you’re young, then when would you? Being young by definition means radical, curious, free, and adventurous, and being female means nurturing, empathetic, intuitive and radiant. So, to my aspiring young women, imagine how blessed you are to be young and female, every failure means you are going to the next level and every risk is an opportunity for you.”

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