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Our Top Tips For A Safe Bonfire Night

On Sunday 5th November, many of us will be celebrating Bonfire Night with fireworks, sparklers and gatherings with friends and family. As fun as the night is, we need to remember to stay safe. Here are our top tips to staying safe this Bonfire Night!

  1. Go to large gathering and stay close to the event supervisors and parents you are attending with.
    Larger displays are generally a lot safer to enjoy the evening and are less harmful to the planet.


  2. If you or someone you know is displaying fireworks in their garden or in a smaller get together, stay well
    clear and watch from inside, away from where the fireworks are taking place.


  3. Everybody loves sparklers. While handling them wear gloves and long sleeved clothing including a coat or jacket.
    Always hold them at arm’s length. Once It has gone out put in a bucket of sand or cold water.


  4. Bonfires add to the excitement of the evening. Stay well clear and make sure you’re being supervised by an adult.
    Avoid wearing loose clothing and tie up long hair in a bobble or place all of it under a hat.


  5. Make sure to look after your pets, fireworks can scare them. Keep them indoors with windows closed and blinds
    and curtains shut. The load noises and bright lights can really unsettle them.


  6. Most importantly stay safe and have fun!

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