• Students will experience a curriculum which will prepare them to be inspire the future youth 

  • Students will experience the importance of development, wellbeing and individuality. 

  • Students will be prepared for tomorrow by developing interpersonal skills, decision making and communication skills. 


Child Development was a subject introduced to students in 2018 and has since had a very popular uptake of students which is doubled by the second year. 

The focus of the course is specific to the development of the child between 0-5 years with a specific focus on the Physical, Intellectual, Language & Communication, Emotional and Social developments. 


There are 3 Components to this Course. 


Component 1: Children’s Growth and Development

Young children develop skills and abilities at different rates, although they usually follow the same pattern of development. This unit will develop your knowledge and understanding of children’s growth and development across five areas of development – physical, intellectual, communication and language, social, and emotional. 

Assessment: Controlled Assessment 


Component 2: Learning Through Play

In this component, you will look at the different stages of play that children experience between birth and five years old and how play can be structured by adults to encourage and influence learning. You will look at play opportunities that adults can provide for children in community settings, in the home and in early years settings. You will learn how specific activities and resources can promote learning across the five areas of development. You will develop the theoretical and practical skills to plan activities that encourage children to learn and develop. 

Assessment: Controlled Assessment 


Component 3: Supporting Children to Play, Learn and Develop

This component will develop your knowledge and understanding of the individual circumstances that can have an impact on a child’s learning and development. You will learn about the physical, cognitive and intellectual, communication and language, social, and emotional circumstances that children may experience. You will also investigate the role of the adult in making sure that all children are safe when engaging in play activities. You will investigate how activities can be adapted to ensure that all children can join in with play for their learning and development. 

Assessment: External 2 hour examination. 


Linked/Useful Document: 




BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award Child Development Student Book (available in school for use). 


Currently there are no revision material to currently support Child Development, however the use of Pinterest is very helpful with regards to understanding milestones, play and other areas.

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