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Responding to the Coronavirus: resources for mental health and wellbeing.

We have gathered information from around the internet to try and support you and your child with maintaining a positive mind during the coronavirus lockdown. 


Make sure to keep yourself safe during home learning. To find out more click here

Use these documents to help with your wellbeing.

Click here for the blank planner, click here for a filled in planner, click here for the healthy lifestyle booklet.

Supporting schools booklet

This booklet provides advice and guidance for school staff and parents about how to help children and young people manage their mental health and wellbeing during times of disruption to their learning.

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Useful Mental Health Links

  • NHS - Looking after children and young people during the coronavirus outbreak here

  • Young Minds - From Parent to Parent: A guide to getting through coronavirus here

  • NSPCC - Returning to School here

  • NSPCC - Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health about Coronavirus here

Self-Care strategies

A selection of self-care strategies that have been developed by young people to help manage their own wellbeing. During a time when access to regular appointment may be disrupted or anxiety might be heightened, it might be helpful to try one or some of these strategies

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Answering your child's question 

Helpful information to answer your children questions about coronavirus can be found using the link below.

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Worried about the world

Childline advice page

Information on what concerns your child might currently have, for example about the coronavirus, and some things to try to address these worries can be found using this link.

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Calm zone

A toolkbox of activities such as breathing exercises, coping videos, yoga videos and games that can help children feel calm in a period of disruption can be found using this link.

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Mood journal

Your child can sign up to Childline’s “locker” and track their daily mood using the mood journal link below. This might be a helpful way for children to balance their mood during a period of uncertainty.

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This section holds many useful links for you to visit 

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Coronavirus and your wellbeing

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What is anxiety?

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Advice if you're worried about the coronavirus

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How to cope when you can't go to school because of coronavirus.

More help and support is available using the details below

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Take a look at Gemma Oaten's video

  • Kindness

  • Resilience

  • Leadership

  • How to ease stress, anxiety

  • Communication

  • Confidence

  • Initiative

  • Organisation

  • Self-care and wellbeing

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