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Kumi Naidoo

In celebration of Africa Day on the 25th May, this week MCA are highlighting the achievements of inspiring young Africans who are having a global impact in their field:

Global Understanding 

Appointed as secretary general of Amnesty International in August 2018, Naidoo was a youth activist in apartheid South Africa and the first African head of Greenpeace.

The outspoken Naidoo has been responsible for promoting considerable growth and activity by Greenpeace in the global south in the fight to avert catastrophic climate change and promote environmental justice.

By making clear the link between environmental crimes and human rights abuses, Naidoo heralds a new era for Amnesty, widening its focus from political prisoners to indigenous peoples and everyone in between. 

“We need to redefine what it means to be a strong leader. Because strong leaders don’t bully activists. Yet that is exactly what is happening.... We need to see less vitriol and more compassion from our leaders.”

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