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At Manchester Communication Academy we understand that the transition from primary to secondary school is one of the most important stages in a child’s school career.  We work closely with local primary schools to ensure that arrangements are in place to support pupils as they make this important step.  We provide a 5-day induction programme at the end of Year 6 to help in the transition to life at the academy.  The induction week ensures all students are prepared for September, have been assessed in key subjects and have been fitted out for their free uniform.  Each student is also assigned a progress leader who is the first point of contact for a parent should the need arise.


We have a clear code of conduct that demands the highest standards of behaviour from all students, both within the Academy and in the wider community.  Specific programmes help students develop strategies for maintaining excellent behaviour and well-motivated approaches to learning.   We have a culture of high expectations and high achievement, which requires hard work and resilience from all.  We believe that it is important to teach good manners, respect for others and social responsibility.  The Academy serves a diverse and vibrant community and we respect the culture and heritage of every student, building opportunities into the daily life of the Academy to celebrate this diversity.


Our curriculum is adaptable, challenging and inspiring.  We believe that all our students should leave school with a firm foundation in all subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and Computing.  Our curriculum is designed to ensure that every student will acquire the high levels of numeracy, literacy and digital literacy needed to take on a full range of other subjects with confidence.  These skills are in high demand in the emerging job sectors in Manchester and beyond.  In addition every student will learn to cook and take part in lessons that emphasise personal and social skills.  We offer health and fitness programmes for all students and build those into the daily routines, to ensure that every student develops and maintains the energy levels to be successful.


We believe that a student’s education should extend beyond the classroom through extra-curricular activities and we provide a comprehensive programme of after-school clubs and activities.  In Year 7 students are required to attend at least two sessions per week.  This offer is extended in Years 10 and 11 to include weekend and holiday coursework and revision sessions.  Our enrichment programmes play an important part in each student’s development to become successful and confident citizens of the future.  These programmes include a wide range of sports and arts activities, music, drama and dance performances, sporting competitions, day and residential trips.  Students are also expected to participate in community activities and represent the Academy as a good neighbour.


We assess the academic potential of all the students in our care.  This allows us to place students into appropriate teaching groups and carefully monitor their progress.  Formal assessments take place each half term and parents are informed at the end of each term on their child’s progress.  We aim to ensure that all students, teachers and parents know exactly what steps need to be taken in order to move each young person to the next level of success. We provide parents with the opportunity to attend progress review evenings throughout the year.



We provide a range of interventions to support students with particular learning needs.  We follow the Code of Practice in identifying, assessing and supporting students with special educational needs and disability.  Through individual education plans we provide support tailored for each student’s unique situation.  Support may be given in class, in a small group or through intervention classes and is delivered by a skilled team of teachers, learning support assistants and specialist behavioural support workers.


If your son or daughter has special educational needs you can discuss these in more detail with the Area Leader - Inclusion.


We provide well-matched extra support for students with additional language needs until they reach the expected level of English required for the curriculum.  This includes those students with no or very little English.  Our provision in this area is strong.


If you are interested and would like to find out more about the academy we offer tours for parents and children on Tuesdays at 9am and 3.30pm.  These tours are well-received by parents as they give you the opportunity to see the academy in action.  To book a place call us on 0161-202-0161 or email admin@mca.manchester.sch.uk

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