NQT, Unqual and Tutor Community

During their first session members of this 28-strong community decided what format and content the sessions could take including the following ideas:

  • Sharing experiences and case studies

  • Effective marking and use of peer feedback

  • Driving questions

  • Reducing and managing workload

  • Work life balance

  • Differentiation


Homework was set between sessions where colleagues trialled and tested new techniques.  This was then discussed at the start of each session.  

Content covered this year:


Micro teaching - A walk-through of a planned lesson with a colleague to find out how it could be improved.


Pre-assessment - How this can impact on planning, teaching, pupil progress and pupil confidence.


What makes a good lesson? - Deciding as a group what makes a good lesson and looking at the latest Ofsted guidance and descriptors including SMSC and BDBW.


Well being - The group discussed what ‘well being’ meant and suggested how they could ‘look after themselves?’


Challenge - What does challenge could look like in a classroom? The following activities were demonstrated - De Bono’s PMI tables, living graphs, translating new learning and the visual organiser.


Proof of learning - How do we know students are learning?  Different techniques discussed including invitational and follow-up questions, questions linked to an assessment rubric, hinge point questions and metacognitive questions.

Miss Mcmahon

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