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Guitar - Guitar lessons at MCA provide students with the chance to develop an extensive musical knowledge and the skills and techniques associated with the instrument. In lessons we look at the different styles of music and the backgrounds of many Guitar players and their impact on popular music. With 20 years experience in teaching and performing our Guitar tutor is committed to passing on his knowledge and expertise, with a focus on having fun and working together and to give MCA students a strong sense of confidence and achievement.    


Drumming - In a relaxed and friendly environment our Drum Kit lessons give our students the opportunity to develop their musical ability and creativity, with a focus on developing coordination and embedding a strong sense of timing and rhythmic awareness.  With his many years experience in the music industry our drum teacher is committed to providing MCA’s pupils with the skills and knowledge required to exceed on the instrument, by developing their technical ability, exploring the history of the Drum Kit and developing the confidence to perform in front of an audience.

Singing - Singing lessons at MCA are about more than just the product. Singing lessons engage the entire body and students will be instructed on correct posture, breathing and vowel shaping. “What will students sing?” This has a lot to do with the goals of each student. The singing teacher will have repertoire suggestions but will always support the students own choices and creativity. It’s important to know that although our singing teacher is there to help students improve, he will never make them feel like they aren’t good enough to sing. The singing teacher will work with where the students are at and help them get to the next level.


Exams - Our peripatetic staff have many years experience in guiding their pupils in their external examinations through various boards, such as RGT, LCM and RockSchool. They maintain a high standard of excellence, with many pupils passing with distinction.


Ensemble - At MCA there is a focus on live ensemble performance, through running Rock Band workshops, Guitar ensembles and a Samba Band. Our Singers, Guitarists and Drummers are learning the skills required to work together and be creative and supportive with one another, alongside developing their musical ability.