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Elias wins a Bronze Medal

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

On Saturday 1st December Elias a Year 9 student at Manchester Communication Academy went to Spain with the GB Cadet Squad to attend the European Cadet Championships. Elias, despite injuring his foot in his first bout, won for 4 tough fights and won a bronze medal!  This contributed to GBs final medal tally of two bronze medals.

Elias trains at Taekwondo Machine, a club born at MCA 8 years ago and still based here as one of 42 community groups using the facilities. The club now has around 60 members and given the successes of Elias and a number of other members regularly competing at National and International Opens, they are actively seeking sponsorship from both public and private sector organisations. 

For further information on please contact:

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Ajay Rajbhar
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