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Girls Active Influencer Award

On Wednesday 31st October Riley was invited to the Houses of Parliament in London to receive a reward as Youth Sport Trust Girls Active Award 2018 for Influencer of the Year.

Over the past year at MCA, Riley has had a key involvement in Girls Football within the Academy for the KS3 students, who has been an asset to the success of the team. She has had the opportunity to coach, manage and mentor members of the team, with the assistants for Miss Busby (PE staff and Team Manager). She has been recognised for her hard work as she treats every member of the team as an individual, with a honest and fair approach which brings out of the best of every student she works with.

Riley also received personalised letters of Commendation:

“I am truly inspired by Riley and all of those involved in the Girls Active Programme. They are fantastic role model in motivating more women and girls to take part in sport and physical activity, something that I am particularly passionate about. The programme is a great way of giving girls the voice to advise on what motivates them and how they can get active in a way that suits them.”

- Tracey Crouch, Minister for Sport and Civil Society

“Congratulations to Riley and all the girls across England who have been involved in Girls Active. It’s a delivery programme which is so important to the future of women’s sport”.

- Baroness Grey-Thompson.

“ With over 450 schools involved in the Girls Active Network it really is a huge achievement to be just one of five category winners. These girls are leading, contributing, inspiring and problem solving, for the good of their peers and the next generation of schoolgirls.”

-Alison Oliver, CEO Youth Sport Trust

MCA and the PE department are extremely proud of Riley and the hard work she has put towards the development of Girls participation in Sport and her valuable influence she has had on the female students of MCA.

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