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Great School Sprint

Well done to our Year 7 students Ryley Black, Darasimi Ajayi, Dantaya Davies, Ashanti Gledhill and Sandro Fonesco on competing in the Great School Sprints held at Deansgate. Students made it through to the 3rd round after qualifying in the top 50 from round 2.

All students did incredibly well to get to the 3rd round but it was the boys Ryley and Sandro that made it through to the Semi Finals where only the top 12 boys from Manchester competed! Both performed exceptionally on the day and finished in a very respectable 4th (Ryley) and 10th (Sandro). Well done again to the students involved who made a great impression on the school throughout the 2 events!' 

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Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa
Apr 27, 2022

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