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Manchester Communication Academy has been featured in The Parliamentary Review

Organisations from a great many sectors in the UK have contributed to this year's Parliamentary Review. Each sector and sub-sector is represented by a different publication, each of which contains up to fifteen case studies from leaders in the relevant field. There are also reviews of the year from expert journalists and an exclusive foreword from the prime minister.

Manchester Communication Academy opened in 2010 in an area of significant disadvantage in north Manchester with over two-thirds of the academy's students living in one per cent of the most disadvantaged areas in England, with many of them experiencing personal disadvantage. However, in their Review article, they explain that the school is rich in cultural diversity and community cohesion and committed to ensuring every child enjoys and succeeds in their education, irrespective of economic or social disadvantage.

This year's Review aptly displays the collaborative approach that is necessary if the education sector is to continue to flourish. With a diverse range of secondary schools included in the 2017/18 edition, it offers pertinent insight into the issues that head teachers and educational bodies face.

Co-chairman of The Review, Lord Pickles, has noted that this year's Review provides "content from a wide range of organisations - small and large; new and old; those at the peak of their powers and those who have peaks to surmount" all of whose voices must be listened to by those in power.

Writing in The Review, the prime minister says that "Our modern Industrial Strategy means government stepping up to secure the foundations of our productivity: providing an education system that delivers the skills our economy needs, improving school standards, and transforming technical education."

Principal of Manchester Communication Academy, John Rowlands, was invited to attend a gala dinner in London and said 'We are now in the top 20% of performing schools nationally for progress and this is recognition of the tremendous hard work from our staff and students, whom we are deeply proud of'.

Manchester Communication Academy's article can be viewed here:

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