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30 Year 10 and 11 pupils and 3 staff went on the first History trip abroad to Berlin, Germany from MCA in the October half-term. Mr Fraser, Mrs Goldsworthy and Miss Korth were delighted to spend time with our pupils in Berlin, who learnt much more about the Cold War and Nazi period of German history. Highlights included the visit to Sachsenhausen memorial concentration camp and checkpoint Charlie, with pupils asking pertinent questions which extended their knowledge of these GCSE exam units.

All pupils came back with a greater grasp of the Cold War and the Nazi regime, which will enable them to succeed in their exams in history. Pupils also enjoyed staying at Acama Hotel and hostel and visiting the DDR museum, where various trinkets and gifts were bought to remind them of their visit.

The history team look forward to taking future trips to Berlin for GCSE history pupils.

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