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The School Day

We are very keen to get back to as close to normal as possible in the new academic year but we are also very aware that we need to make sure that our students and staff are safe in the light of Covid-19. We are not cutting back on any subject areas or parts of the curriculum and a full timetable will be delivered right from the start of the year. In the first instance, we will run a modified timetable for the Autumn term and then we will reflect if we can make any changes to get even closer to normal. If not, we will carry on in half termly timeframes and reflect again – we will keep in this constant cycle of reflection to ensure we have the best education and systems in place for our students. 


The modification will include staggered start times, break times and lunch times across school. The amount of lessons throughout the day will continue to stay at 4 lessons.

This timetable will run for the entire first term (until December), but as mentioned, it will be reflected upon throughout, to ensure your child receives the best learning experiences possible.


The start and end times of the day will be as follows (Monday to Thursday):

Friday timetable

Break and Lunch Time

Break and lunch times will be staggered between Year groups.They will also have their own designated ‘Zone’ outside to minimise the risk of year groups mixing. Catering will be open for those who use this, but this may vary and may be limited.

Due to the lateness of lunch times for certain year groups, a full range of food will also be available at break for students to choose from.

Parent Guide for returning to school

Please click here to view the DFEs returning to school guide 


Homework will be set using google classroom and google forms. This is the online platform we have been using throughout lockdown. If students do not have IT access, we will endeavour to provide laptops or other relevant devices to allow this.


Students must wear their normal school uniform. Students should still remove outdoor coats, hats and hoods, whilst in the building.

Face coverings are permitted if you or your child feel that they are needed. They must be a plain colour with no other markings or logos on them

September Start

Parents are advised to drop children off alone, for example not to come with partners or family. Parental meetings will be held either remotely or via the phone.

Progress Groups: Due to different start times for all year groups, and keeping all students within a certain base in the academy,  your child will not have their expected Progress Leader that they had last year. 

If you have siblings that attend MCA and will struggle to drop them off at different start times. You will be able to drop them off together and we will  look after the until their year group start time.  We will also be able to offer the same support at the end of the day , where we will look after the youngest sibling, until the eldest has finished their school day.

Although the term dates will remain the same throughout the year (see website), we do have a slight alteration for the very beginning of term. The academy will open to learners in two stages and we have added an extra training day for staff. This is to ensure staff and students are fully briefed on all protocols that are in place. 

The changes are as follows:

Tuesday 1st September & Wednesday 2nd September will be Staff Training days (STAFF ONLY)

All students will then be welcomed back on Monday 7th September.

Additional Health and Safety Measures

  • Ensuring we have contact details for track and trace for all students and staff. 

  • Protocols for moving around school, to ensure no mixing of Year group bubbles

  •  Markings in place for designated zones at break and lunch time with a duty point for staff. 

  • Hand sanitiser available throughout all areas of the school 

  • Canteen cleaned thoroughly after each sitting.

  •  Cleaning material in classrooms for students to wipe down desks, chairs and laptops at the start and end of each lesson. 

  •  Toilets cleaned regularly and thoroughly throughout the day. 

  •  Reception area has clear markings and screens up at the desks.

  • Year group assemblies to be recorded and played to the form time classroom 

  • In each subject, students will be given large plastic wallets that include all stationary. Checks of these will be completed at the end of each lesson to ensure all stationary has been returned, before being stored in plastic boxes in bases. 

  • All students will sanitise on entry, at the start and end of social times. Each lesson, students will complete a handwashing cycle 1 at a time. Each class will have a designated facility which they can use. Sanitiser will be available if there is no access to washing facilities

  •  No extra- curricular clubs(ESA’s) for the first half term, until we can reflect on how best to run them.

  • Students will be reminded to sanitise hands before using the toilet and wash hands and santise on exit, before re-entering the teaching base.


If there is anything that is not clear on here, please do get in touch with us and we will help as best we can. On the introduction days, we will ensure all students know exactly what they are doing and where they are going before they are back in the following week. 

Remember the school office is open throughout the summer break should you need to get in touch. I hope this helps and gives some clarity to the situation. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and restful summer break and thank you for all of your support with home schooling since we closed to the majority of pupils in March.

 If you have any questions or concerns, you can email and we will answer your queries as soon as we can.

Miss Mcmahon

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