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Tanya Muzinda

In celebration of Africa Day on the 25th May, this week MCA are highlighting the achievements of inspiring young Africans who are having a global impact in their field:

Health and Wellbeing

Zimbabwe’s 12-year-old female motocross rider. Tanyaradzwa started racing at the age of five and is the first female to have won a motocross championship in Zimbabwe since it was started in 1957.


She finished second in the 2012 championship season. She is the reigning local Junior Sportswoman of the Year, and last year she won two bronze medals at two major motocross events in England in May and September.

Tanya is an honorary ambassador of the European Union to Zimbabwe for Youth, Gender, Sports and Development, and in 2018 was named Junior Sportswoman of the year in South Africa by the Africa Union Sports Council Region Five Annual Sports Awards.

“Most people think that you can’t do it because it is only a sport for boys and I am a girl, but I want to show them that you can do anything,” she says.

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