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MCA @ The Great Science Share

This involved schools from around the country sharing and showcasing their favourite STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities and projects. MCA had the fantastic opportunity to share two activities, which were the ICT club’s quadcopter project and Mr Smith and Miss Hewitt’s energy efficient wind turbine.

​The quadcopter project was developed over a number of months under the guidance of MCA's IT team members Mr Farrimond and Mr Fairclough. During the project the students in the ICT club have learned how to build and develop their own quadcopter.

The students practised flying a quadcopter using a simulator before venturing onto the Academy’s playing field to fly them, with Mr Fairclough on hand to assist if they got into difficulties.  

During the Great Science Share Mr Farrimond and Mr Fairclough, assisted by MCA student Jahmiah Brown, answered questions on how the project was organised and how it might be developed in the future.


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