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We believe that parent / carers play a vital role in your child’s education and that a pupil’s success and development is built upon on a successful partnership between home and school.


Manchester Communication Academy maintains a high level of contact with parents / carers throughout the year. Members of staff will often write to parents, contact them by telephone or invite them in to discuss issues of importance about their child’s welfare and progress. Likewise, we encourage parents to contact us if they have any concerns they would like to discuss, following the MCA guideline and protocols.


We hope the information on this website will give you an insight into Manchester Communication Academy.

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At MCA, we believe that accurate and frequent assessment of learning is a key element to providing high quality, personalised teaching and learning experiences. As we strive to provide a vibrant KS3 curriculum, assessment must be timely, appropriate and designed to move learning on. All formal assessments and tests are well thought out and have a specific purpose in ensuring progress in knowledge and skills. However, our understanding of assessment goes far beyond formal tests and exam style questions. All lessons will include opportunities for questioning, quizzing and application of learning that will then be responded to immediately by the teacher so that any misconceptions or missed content can be addressed and rectified.  


Students' acquisition of knowledge and their development of skills will be frequently assessed by their teacher through a variety of formal ad informal assessment strategies. Students will be guided to apply their learning through a range of tasks from verbal questioning and discussion to extended written responses and exam style questions, all of which will contribute to a teacher assessment. Each curriculum area will then use subject specific criteria (the MCA steps) to assess which step the student is currently working at and what they need to do to make further progress. As such, teaching and learning is responsive to student progress within lesson as well as providing more formal feedback through our STAR approach.


Three times a year, you will receive a report that outlines which step your son/daughter is currently working at. This report will also include the age related expectation for each subject, relevant to your son/daughter. In addition, the report will also provide you with information about the progress that your son/daughter has made since the last report. You will also be invited to an annual parents evening to discuss their progress.




We have a formal uniform and we expect every child to attend school looking smart in full uniform every day.  Good attendance is essential to success at school and all students are expected to have an excellent attendance record and be punctual.


Indoor clothing, boys and girls:

  • black blazer

  • plain white shirt or blouse with school tie

  • plain black trousers or appropriate length of black skirt (no lycra)

  • plain black socks

  • plain black shoes suitable for school wear

  • Optional black V- neck jumper with school badge in addition to the blazer

We are pleased to inform you that we are able to supply your child with one of each of the following items: A blazer, A tie, A PE top, shorts and socks and An outdoor fleece top. Parents will be required to supply the other items. We believe that our uniform is smart, yet cost effective.

A jumper must have the school badge on and can be purchased from Ziggy’s in Harpurhey Shopping Centre.

All students should also carry equipment to and from the Academy in a bag; each child will also be able to use a locker. Your child should attend the Academy in full school uniform every day.

Students new to MCA will be given a voucher to receive a free uniform, including school jumper, tie, PE top and shorts.



Please click on the links below to view documents from our Ofsted inspection which was on the

24th and 25th April 2019. 


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