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MATHS - Username: First initial.Surname@mca (Eg: K.Miah@mca) and Password: mca123 
- Video walk through of Maths topics and exam question practice.
Daily maths homework form their class teacher (on yellow paper)
Revision guides available to purchase from the Maths department

SCIENCE - Username: firstnamelastname15 and Password: mca201920
- Free science lessons, great resource for breakdown of topics 
-An app to lean physics equations
Revision guides have been provided to students (Anyone who hasn't got one can ask for one)
Weekly homework with revision materials -
They sit a topic text every Thursday, the homework is on this topic and is given out every Thursday to be given in the Thursday after.
Morning Revision from 7:30am with Mr Dunn.


Four units are examined in History:
  • The Elizabethan Age (1558 - 1603)
  • Germany in Transition (1919 - 1939)
  • The Development of the USA (1929 - 2000)
  • Crime and Punishment Through Time (500 - 2000)
- Crime and Punishment Through Time resource
Helpful Germany In Transition resources:

Year 11 revision guides to be distributed before Christmas holidays. Weekly homework with revision material or exam question practice. 


Each week students complete unit recall tests. Please see class teacher for copies of tests which can be practiced at home.


- Btec Tech Award in Engineering Specification
-Engineering Exam Part 1 - Past Paper
- Engineering Exam Part 2 Past Paper
- Engineering Exam Past Paper Part 1
- Engineering Exam Past Paper Part 2


Computer science checklist
- Computer Science GCSE GURU is a popular and free revision website for anyone studying or teaching Computer Science GCSE. Created by experienced teachers, this website contains Computer Science Theory, Quizzes, News, Resources and a Glossary of key terms - all useful for students studying the OCR GCSE Computer Science.
- GCSE Computer Science learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic for OCR Specification. 
Unit 1 - Computer System
Unit 2 - Computational Thinking

- Component 3 BTEC Tech Award External Brief (past paper download).
- Performance skills, dramatic techniques, theatre practitioners, approaching a script, interpreting and staging a scene, writing about drama and theatre.
- Frantic Assembly resource pack (download).
-BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts Specification.

All students studying Performing Arts have access to google classroom. It is recommended that students update/make improvements to their written coursework at home. For those students who do not have internet access at home, a paper copy will be provided.


Allergies​ - Unpleasant reactions to food presentation (first presentation), fill in the worksheet after.
Anaemia - Iron deficiency anaemia presentation and worksheet
Diet and Cancer - presentation (first presentation) and worksheet
Diabetes - Diabetes presentation, diet, insulin and blood presentation and worksheet
Diet Through Life -  nutritional needs through life presentation (first presentation) and worksheet., diet through life worksheet
Malnutrition - presentation and worksheet
Obesity - presentation
Factors Affecting Food Choice
Heart Disease
Revision Mats
- Specification for Wjec Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering.
- I achieve- students will be given an individual log in and this will support unit 1 and unit 2.
Revision guides will be printed and handed out
QR codes for revision will be printed and handed out
All students studying Hospitality and Catering have access to google classroom. It is recommended that students update/make improvements to their written work in preparation for their controlled assessment.


Use your revision guide to complete further reading on your topic. Use the following websites to further support your learning:
- BTEC Sport 2018 Specification (Unit 1,2,3,6)
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