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For the first three years at Manchester Communication Academy, students study an ambitious, broad and balanced KS3 curriculum.

As they come towards the end of year 9, students need to make choices about the subjects they would like to study in year 10 and year 11 and are likely to excel in during their final GCSE/BTEC examinations. At MCA, we support all students throughout year 9 to make informed decisions about their KS4 course choices ensuring the child is at the heart of the decision.

In the Spring term of 2023, the options process for year 9 students is as follows:

  • An options booklet detailing the courses available will be sent home early in January. It is important that students discuss their options with their parents/carers, progress leader or Head of Year. Classroom teachers will also discuss the options available in their faculty with students during their lessons.

  • Assemblies will be delivered to Year 9 students during the week of the 30th January 2023 to detail the options available from each faculty.

  • KS4 information evening – Students and parents/carers are invited into school to discuss the option curriculum pathways available to them in year 10 and year 11. The date and time for the KS4 information evening is 4:30pm to 6:30pm on the 8th February 2023.

  • Each student will have one to one meetings with members of the senior leadership, head of year or SEND/EAL support to determine their options pathway. Students will need to bring their completed options form to this meeting. These meetings will take place on Tuesday 7th March 2023.


The options available are detailed below:

These subjects are compulsory:

Your child will choose one Humanities subject:

We strongly encourage all students to study one language:

Your child will choose one subject from Creative Arts:

Your child will choose one subject from Health and Well-being:

At MCA, we ensure that the child is the heart of everything we do and so these pathways may not be suitable for all children. Therefore, some children will have a bespoke pathway based on their specific needs or future career ambitions.

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