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Senior Leadership Team

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Miss Watmough, Headteacher

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Mrs Fraser, Vice Principal

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Mr Foxton, Vice Principal

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Mrs Hawthornthwaite, Vice Principal

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Mr Daniel, Assistant Principal

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Mrs Eyre, Assistant Principal

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Mr Eyre, Assistant Principal

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Mrs Miah, Assistant Principal

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Miss Hodson, Assistant Principal

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Miss Wrigley, Assistant Principal

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Miss Thomas, Assistant Principal

Pastoral Department

Mrs Peacock, Director of Pastoral Care (Year 7 and Transition)
Mr Mack, Director of Pastoral Care (Year 8-9)
Mr Cotter, Director of Pastoral Care (Y10-11)
Mr Everitt, Assistant Director of Pastoral Care
Mr McCrory, Assistant Director of Pastoral Care
Mr Easmon, Area Lead Attendance
Mr Everitt, Lead Professional Behaviour
Mr McCrory, Lead Professional Behaviour
Miss Maynard, Progress Support Lead KS4
Mr Green, Alternative Curriculum Coordinator
Mrs Afton-Matthews, Alternative Curriculum Coordinator
Mr Porter, Alternative Curriculum Teacher
Mr Hayes, Attendance Outreach Officer
Miss Brookes, Attendance Outreach Officer
Miss Eyres, Attendance Assistant
Mr Deveney, Learning Support Mentor Behaviour

Mrs McQuarries, Pastoral Admin Officer

Heads of Year

Miss Wieczorek, Head of Year 7
Miss McMillan, Head of Year 8
Mr Kenny, Head of Year 9
Mr Finnegan, Head of Year 10


English Department

Miss Frank, Director of English
Miss Cotsford, Teacher
Mr Cotter, Teacher
Mrs Ferdinando, Teacher
Mr Hateley, Teacher
Mr Heap, Teacher
Miss Stott, Teacher

Mr Webb, Teacher
Miss Short, Teacher
Miss Andrews,

Maths Department

Miss Clement, Head of Maths
Mrs Duong-Nguyen, Teacher
Mr Faraj, Teacher
Miss Akinrinlola, Teacher
Mr Harrington, Teacher
Miss Aulton, Teacher
Miss Kay, Teacher
Miss Maloney, Teacher
Mrs Rather, Teacher
Mr Shahady, Teacher
Miss Walker, Teacher

Mr Madden, Teacher
Mr Rowley,

Science Department

Miss Wareing, Head of Science
Mrs Conroy, Teacher
Mr Heil, Teacher
Mrs Jones, Teacher
Mr Chatterton, Teacher
Mr Mugarura, Teacher
Miss Le Goff, Teacher
Mrs McDonald, Teacher
Mr Mort, Teacher
Miss Grimshaw, 
Miss Newton, Teacher
Mrs O'Mahony, Teacher
Mrs Sutton, Teacher

Mr Bowles, Technician

Creative Arts Department

Mrs Carding, Director of Creative Arts
Miss Jackson, Director of Creative Arts
Miss Chandler-Veevers, Art Teacher
Mr Maddison, Art Teacher
Miss Moran, Art Teacher
Miss Whelan, Art Teacher
Mrs Turner, Art Technician
Mr Gavin, Drama Teacher
Mr Moss, Design Technology Teacher

Mr Daniel, Music Teacher
Miss Power, Music Teacher
Mr Lowrey, Music Tutor
Mr Lund,
Music Tutor
Mr Abbas, IT Teacher
Mr Mooney, IT Teacher
Mr Ali, IT Teacher
Mr Jalloh, IT Teacher
Mr Daley, Digital Media Teacher

Health and Wellbeing Department

Mrs Wilcock, Director of Health and Wellbeing
Miss Unsworth, Subject Lead Food

Miss Negus, Subject Lead RE
Mr Neild, Subject Lead PE

Miss Gillaspy, PE Teacher
Mr Heath, PE Teacher
Mr Mack, PE Teacher

Miss Davies, PE Teacher
Mr Wanjohi, PE Teacher
Mr Travers, Dance Teacher
Miss Scrivens,
Food Teacher
Mrs Bishop, Food Technician
Mr Chanter, PE Technician

Global Understanding Department

Mrs Griffiths, Director of Global Understanding
Mrs Tombleson, Subject Lead MFL
Mrs Goodyear, Subject Lead Geography
Mrs Walton,
Subject Lead History
Miss Neill, Geography Teacher
Mr Pearce, Geography Teacher
Miss Martin, Geography Teacher
Mr Fraser, History Teacher
Miss Lapping, History Teacher
Miss Jackson-Soutter, History Teacher
Mrs Goldsworthy, History Teacher
Mrs Peacock, History Teacher

Miss Husraz, MFL Teacher
Mr Karasz, MFL Teacher
Mrs Ruiz-Martin, MFL Teacher
Mrs Santorio-Martin, MFL Teacher
Miss Sheikh, MFL Teacher

EAL Department

Miss Daley, Area Leader of EAL
Miss Bibi,
Mrs Rowley, EAL TA
Mrs Khan, EAL TA

Inclusion Department

Miss Carvell, Area Lead of Inclusion and SENCo
Mr Davies, Assistant SENCo
Mrs Owen, SEN Teacher
Mrs McLaren, SEN TA
Mrs Rossi, SEN TA
Miss Brooks, SEN TA

Safeguarding Staff

Mrs Batchelor, Designated safeguarding lead (DSL)
Mrs Corrigan, Deputy DSL
Miss Bowden, Deputy DSL

Mrs Dodd, Safeguarding Support

Support Staff

Mrs Erlam, Receptionist
Mrs McMahon, Receptionist
Mrs Shabir, Data Officer

Mrs Roberts, Admissions

Miss Evans, Careers Advisor

Mrs Swift, Librarian
Mr Lebeter, Site and Facilities Manager
Mr Moore, Assistant Site and Facilities Manager

Mr Brown, Site and Facilities Assistant
Mr Partington, Site and Facilities Assistant
Mr Stones, Site and Facilities Assistant

Miss Enabulele, Cleaner
Miss Gutowska, Cleaner
Miss Hughes, Cleaner

Mrs McNulty, Cleaner
Miss Parker, Cleaner

Miss Philip, Cleaner
Mrs Sesay, Cleaner
Miss Sherif, Cleaner
Miss Taylor, Cleaner

Miss Kingsland, Lunchtime Organiser
Miss Yates, Lunchtime Organiser

Miss Buckley, Lunchtime Organiser

Mrs Bryan, Catering Manager 

Mrs Quinn, Cook 

Miss Benson, Cook

Mrs Bilous, Assistant Cook 

Miss Lacey,  Assistant Cook

Miss Elliott, Catering Assistant

Miss Carvalho, Catering Assistant

Mrs Donaghy, Catering Assistant

Miss Francis, Catering Assistant

Mrs McQuarrie, Catering Assistant

Mrs Tipler, Catering Assistant

Miss Lowe, Catering Assistant

Miss Gibson, Catering Assistant

Miss Uke, Catering Assistant

Miss Rossi, Catering Assistant

Miss Groves, Catering Assistant

Miss Goddard, Catering Assistant

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