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The Bread and Butter Thing offers weekly groceries at a fraction of high street prices at our MCA hub at Manchester Communication Academy on Tuesdays at 3:30pm.

For £7.70 we offer roughly £35 worth of food each week including fresh fruit and veg, chilled for for the fridge and cupboard staples
such as pasta and cereal. We get our supplies from the stuff you hear about in the news going to waste: it comes from
supermarkets. factories and farms.

The food changes daily which means your bags will change from week to week. Most members tell us that they collect food from TBBT and then 'top up' from the supermarkets once they have seen what we provide.

As the bags vary from day to day, some weeks the savings will be greater than others. However, you will always be playing much less than in the shops and have new foods to try. Very occasionally, if the food supplies that day are low, we will not have enough for the 3 bags. In this case, we will lower the price. We want you to feel we are making a difference to your weekly food bills.


Why not give us a try? There is no commitment and it's free to join. If you want an order just reply to the weekly text you will receive 
on the day you get it. It's really easy to sign up to TBBT ….

Step 1: Text 07860 063304 with your full name, postcode, and the name of the hub you will be collecting from: MCA.

Step 2: Select the size of order you want to receive:

                    Family: £8.50 (our top seller)

                    Small: £4
                    Large double: £17

                    Vegetarian option are also available too.

Step 3: We'll send you a text every Sunday to see if you want an order. Just reply 'YES' by 10:00am the next day. We will deliver your order to Manchester Communication Academy on Tuesday at 3:30pm.

Step 4: Collect and pay for your goods from the MCA Hub at Manchester Communication Academy.
(Don't forget - someone can collect on your behalf if you can't make it and we also accept Healthy Start Vouchers)



Our weekly bags are made up of surplus foods from supermarkets, food manufactures and farmers. We never know what we're going to get from day
to day, which means each week your bag of food will be different.

But it is always amazing quality, fresh produce. You will probably need to top up from the shops as well, but our food will go a long way to helping you feed your family affordably.

Surplus food happens for lots of reason - sometimes there is a fault with the packaging or there may be too much of it for the supermarkets to handle.

Some of our food is beyond its BEST BEFORE date BUT that doesn't mean that you can't eat it. With proper storage - for instance in its original packaging and sealed with a clip or in a airtight container - lots of foodstuffs can be eaten long after their best before date, including:

  • Crisps can still be edible for a good month after their best before deadline

  • Biscuits and cereals can last for another six months

  • Baked beans and other tinned goods can last in your store cupboard for a whole year, as can sweets and bottled pasta sauce.

  • And don't throw away that packet of dried pasts that you've found at the back of a cupboard. If stored correctly, it should still be safe to eat around three years after it's best before date has expired.

We will never provide food that is after its USE BY date because this is about food safety, not food quality. You can eat food on its
USE BY date or, if you have a freezer, pop it in. Just make sure you make a note of how long it will be freezer safe and how to defrost. 

You can find out more by visiting:

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