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Employability skills


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At MCA we are constantly looking forward to the future of our students. For this encourage parents and guardians to have open conversations
at home and encourage the next generation to get thinking about what career paths they would like.

The big question is 

what job do you want when they grow up?

Like everything we do, this revolves around our core values.


  • Communication – how you communicate with people, both verbal and written. Think about your literacy skills – reading, writing etc.

  • What does this look like? How you explain things to other people, how you get across your thoughts and ideas. This could be when you speak (verbal) or it could be when you don’t speak (non-verbal) e.g. how you act when you are not speaking or when you write something.

  • Interpersonal skills – e.g. kind, friendly, relating to other people, treating other people how you want to be treated.

  • What are these things? Things like being kind and friendly, how you are with other people, how you treat other people.


  • Teamwork & collaboration

  • What does this look like? Sometimes you will work as part of a team. It’s important to do your fair share of the workload.
    You may not even like the people you are working with but you still need to get along with them.

  • Leadership

  • What does this look like? Leading other people, showing that you can take on responsibility.

  • Computer skills – keyboarding, office applications, multi-media, internet, web design, graphics.

  • Have you developed any of these skills? Don’t just think about your Computing lessons.

  • Honesty & integrity –  including attendance & punctuality

  • What does this look like? Being honest to yourself and other people shows what type of person you are. Being on time shows that you care about what you are doing. You are more likely to gain respect if you demonstrate these things.

  • Flexible & adaptable

  • What does this look like? Things don’t always go to plan! Sometimes you might have to change in order for things to work out. You need to be able to recognise when things need to change and show your own initiative to change your approach.


  • Problem solving

  • What does this look like? You will be faced with all kinds of different problems, both in and out of school. Thinking about how you will solve them and then doing that is an important life skill.

  • Resilience

  • What does this look like? Someone who shows resilience does not give up, even when things are difficult. They have a strong work ethic and want to make sure that things are done to the best of their ability. Having a positive ‘can do’ attitude shows the type of person you are.

We want you to develop all of these things whilst you are at MCA. You will keep a record of these things in your Thrive Graduation log.

When you apply to college or for a job, the more you can demonstrate these skills, the more chance you have of being successful.

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