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The vision of the department is to develop a passion for English within all students at Manchester Communication Academy . The love of the subject is nurtured and will build on the vital foundations that students have already laid at Key Stages 1 and 2. The English team want all students to feel empowered by what they study, developing creativity for both the written and spoken word.

As staff foster this enjoyment of English, students will evolve their understanding and appreciation of English Language and English Literature. This will enrich their learning, as their course will enable them to both read widely and form mature opinions based on evidence, thus providing a gateway to the adult world. The English team are dedicated to celebrating the Literary Heritage of both the United Kingdom and of distant shores.  Our students are immersed in a broad curriculum that allows them to research and theorise about the relationship between a writer’s context and their writing style. Students will develop the skills of empathy and enquiry for current literature as well as a thirst to know more about a world that has gone before them.


At Manchester Communication Academy, we value the impact and influence that reading can have on us. Reading can change your life, change the way we think or inspire us to become more. Staff at Manchester Communication Academy are proud to share The Books That Changed My Life



Throughout years 7-9, at KS3, English allows students to develop both reading and writings skills which have clear correlations with their GCSE years. Students are encouraged to engage with a range of books and sources that cover a variety of topics. They develop both analytical skills meaning they learn how to select key quotes from texts and explain what they could mean and creative writing skills: content, punctuation and grammar. The English curriculum at MCA is designed to allow students to contribute freely in all lessons. We do believe that the more students are able to voice and share their views and opinions orally, the more confidence they have in their writing skills. The half-termly assessments allow us to assess which skills students are excelling in and which need to be improved. Students continually evaluate their work and are given time to develop their ideas in lesson. In year 9, students begin to study the texts they will be sitting at GCSE. They begin by reading the texts and understanding the writer’s intentions and context.

Homework menus allow students, in all year groups, to choose an area they would like to work on with the intention to always build on both their reading and writing skills.




At KS4, we place a huge emphasis on ensuring that all students understand the critical skills needed to answer all aspects of the GCSE exams. There are 4 exams in total all within the AQA exam board: 2 each for Literature and Language. Three quarters of the exams consists of reading skills and understanding texts that vary from poetry, 19th century literature and modern day sources. We study A Christmas Carol, Macbeth, Blood Brothers and DNA over the two years, alongside poetry from the ‘Power and Conflict’ section of the AQA anthology. Our curriculum is designed to encourage MCA students to transfer analytical skills and writing skills across all exam responses and therefore we teach the Language specification parallel to the Literature specification. This method of teaching allows our students to feel confident when approaching the exams as they become familiar with the styling of all questions. Our inspiring and enriching curriculum also allows students to express their own creative writing skills when learning how to answer the remaining quarter of the exams. Students are taught how to write descriptions, stories, letters, articles and speeches through various contemporary scenarios. Their content and accuracy skills are developed over time ready for their exams at the end of year 11.  Our extensive team make every effort to ensure that all 2 hour lessons are fully tailored to meeting the needs of the learners; students at MCA enjoy English and strive to succeed.