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The vision of the department is to develop a passion for English within all students at Manchester Communication Academy. The love of the subject is nurtured and will build on the vital foundations that students have already laid at Key Stages 1 and 2. The English team want all students to feel empowered by what they study, developing creativity for both the written and spoken word.

As staff foster this enjoyment of English, students will evolve their understanding and appreciation of English Language and English Literature. This will enrich their learning, as their course will enable them to both read widely and form mature opinions based on evidence, thus providing a gateway to the adult world. The English team are dedicated to celebrating the Literary Heritage of both the United Kingdom and of distant shores.  Our students are immersed in a broad curriculum that allows them to research and theorise about the relationship between a writer’s context and their writing style. Students will develop the skills of empathy and enquiry for current literature as well as a thirst to know more about a world that has gone before them.

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