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The Geography department aims to motivate and involve students in world issues both in their immediate vicinity and globally. Geographers are charged with the task of viewing the world through two lenses: one being geophysical - studying the topography and physical landscape of our angry earth and the other being socio-economic - learning about the intrinsic importance of society and understanding how economic change can shape our lives. Geography must be a rigorous study of the real world. It must seek explanations about how the world works and help us think about alternative futures.



Geography is a popular subject at MCA and this is only continuing to increase. This is due to the wide variety of topics studied at GCSE level. Students in year 10 and 11 complete the AQA GCSE Geography qualification.


They complete three examinations;


Paper 1: Living in a Physical Environment (1 hour 30 minutes)

  • The Challenge of Natural Hazards

  • The Living World

  • Physical Landscapes in the UK


Paper 2: Challenges in the Human Environment (1 hour 30 minutes)

  • Urban Issues and Challenges

  • The Changing Economic World

  • The Challenge of Resource Management


Paper 3: Geographical Applications (1 hour 15 minutes)

  • Issue Evaluation

  • Geographical Skills



Useful Guides

Sample Assessment Materials:


Revision Guides;


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