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The History department at Manchester Communication Academy want students to view history as a fun and interesting subject. All teachers within the department love and value the study of the past, and we want students to match this passion, generating an interest in the past that will remain with them for life. Secondly, we wish to transmit knowledge and understanding of the past, both within the United Kingdom and of the wider world. Students should have an understanding of how the world we live in has been shaped by the past. Finally, it is our aim that students continuously develop life skills such as thinking, evaluating, analysing, empathising and communicating; there are very few jobs that do not require these skills.



History is an extremely popular subject at MCA and this is only continuing to increase. This is due to the wide variety of topics studied at GCSE level. Students in year 10 and 11 complete the Eduqas GCSE History qualification. They complete two examinations each comprising of two different papers.


Component 1: Studies in Depth:

  • Paper 1: The Elizabethan Age (1 hr)

  • Paper 2: Germany in Transition (1 hr)


For component 1, paper 1 topics include the Elizabethan government, lifestyles of the rich and poor, popular entertainment, the Religious Settlement, Catholic and Puritan plots and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.


For component 1, paper 2 topics include; the impact of the First World War, recovery and the end of the Weimar Republic, Hitler’s consolidation of power, Nazi economic, social and foreign policy.


Component 2: Studies in Breadth:

  • Paper 1: The Development of the USA (1929-2000) (45 mins)

  • Paper 2: Crime and Punishment Through Time (c.500-present day) (1 hr 15 mins)


As part of component 2, paper 1, students study; the civil rights movement, economic decline and recovery, social and political changes and America’s involvement in foreign affairs, particularly during the Cold War and the Vietnam War.


Finally, for component 2, paper 2 students examine; the changes in types of crime being committed, the punishments received and the development of policing in the UK. Students study pertinent issues such as the abolition of capital punishment and complete a case study, which this year, is based on Jack the Ripper’s London.


This qualification ensures that learners are able to fully grasp key historical concepts by exploring studies in depth alongside studies across time. Higher order thinking skills are also developed by requiring students to critically analyse and evaluate both contemporary and modern evidence in an historical context.



Revision Websites:

Elizabethan England-

Germany in Transition-


There will be a new PIXL App launched soon which students will be able to download and use at home. It has a variety of activities and quizzes which teachers can assign to students based on their progress, or students can complete just for fun.

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