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The Creative Arts department is a dynamic, hard-working team who work together creatively so that every pupil can achieve within the subject, making the arts accessible, inclusive, and meaningful through diverse approaches to creative and technological innovation. Our curriculum is designed to foster independence through differentiated and self-directed work. We develop a lifelong desire to learn, explore, create and invent. The creative art curriculum is committed to the process of creating and reflecting on the products we make. We encourage students to experiment, persevere and arrive at their own unique solution while promoting skill building, discovery, and innovation.


The work that you see here is a small snippet of our Year 10 and Year 11 cohorts. 191 students at MCA achieved GCSE qualifications across Fine Art, 3D Design, Textile Design, Photograph and Graphic Communication this summer, and we are incredibly proud of their efforts. Despite all of the obstacles that 2020 presented to our students, they rose to the challenge, and have created some truly outstanding outcomes. Click here for the website

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Throughout Year 7 and 8, students will be introduced to a wide range of projects under the 4 GCSE endorsement titles - Fine Art, Graphics, Photography and Textiles. Each half term, students select which endorsement they want to undertake and spend 6-8 lessons working on this project with their teacher. Students will create 6 projects in total within an academic year, studying a range of themes including pattern, animals, typography, characters, texture, assembled and abstract. At the end of Year 8, students can opt to study any of the GCSE endorsement titles, which they will complete in either Year 10 or Year 11 (timetable dependent).


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Students start the course by being introduced to a range of fine art processes, with a focus on drawing (pencil, pen, ink, chalk, charcoal) and painting (watercolour, ink, acrylic, fabric paint, spray paint). Throughout the second term, students are then introduced to a wide range of techniques and materials including 3D (clay, sculpture and glass), stencilling, collage, digital media, graphics and photography, and will create a full unit of work. Throughout the third term, students begin their main coursework project, which continues into the second year of the course and is based on the students' independent choice of study. The coursework portfolio accounts for 60% of students' overall grade. During the final stages of the course, students complete an externally set assignment. Students have 12 weeks preparation time before undertaking a 10 hour supervised controlled assessment, which takes place over 2 days. The externally set assignment accounts for 40% of students' overall grade.