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The aim of the Maths Faculty at Manchester Communication Academy is to mould young people into able problem solvers, logical thinkers and lifelong mathematicians as a product of stimulating and reflective teaching. Our team of passionate Maths specialists strive to promote interest, curiosity and enjoyment in the learning of Maths by providing a supportive environment fostered in mutual respect.

We strive to develop all students irrespective of ability and to maximise individual potential. We are keen to dispel the negative concepts associated with the complexities that Maths can bring by creating a supportive yet challenging culture where students feel it is safe to take risks and they value the opportunity to learn from mistakes therefore developing a deeper understanding of the maths that they are learning.

Mathematics at MCA are developing a common core approach to the journey throughout KS3 and KS4, developing students into well informed, confident mathematicians.


Lessons are designed to allow the mastery of key concepts and skills, progressing onto the reasoning and problem solving expertise required in KS4 assessment.

Lessons across the department are taught in a structure influenced by extensive research into the teaching methods of world leading countries in Mathematics such as Singapore and Shanghai. This common structure in lessons provides the backbone for our curriculum and ensures that pupils at MCA receive the same high quality experience in every lesson.  


We have invested in a comprehensive software package with allows teachers to regularly assess their pupils through low-pressure quizzes  which reduce Mathematics anxiety while providing effective feedback for pupils. These quizzes ensures pupils' progress is constantly monitored and lessons can be adapted to meet the needs of the class. 


Pupils follow the Complete Maths scheme of work which arranges similar topics in close succession to allow for making links between topics. 


The teachers in the Mathematics department are passionate about ensuring that all pupils are ready to take on the challenges that the new (9-1) GCSE requires and are keen to nurture a love of Mathematics which will inspire them to carry on their study of the subject at A-Level and University.  


Year 11 pupils follow a diagnostic based scheme of work individually planned by their teacher based upon gap analysis of assessments and classwork to supplementing the ongoing teaching of the syllabus.


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