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Modern Foreign Languages

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The Modern Foreign Languages department aim to open students’ minds to different opportunities and culture and help them integrate in a global world. To teach students rigour and resilience as well as harvesting a love and a passion for a hidden talent or intrigue for a new language. At Manchester Communication Academy we want to teach communication skills and give our students confidence to become public speakers, prepared for a confident future, empowered to articulate their thoughts and give students ambition to aim high (universities) as well as raises aspiration. We want our students to enjoy their learning whilst developing a deeper understanding and respect for other cultures.




The topics we are studying as part of the Edexcel GCSE course are:

Theme 1: Identity and Culture

Theme 2: Local Area, Holiday and Travel

Theme 3: School

Theme 4: Future aspiration, study and work

Theme 5: International and Global Dimension

Students will be assessed at the end of Year 11 in Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. Each skill is worth 25% of their overall grade.


The GCSE Specifications can be found using the following links:





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