Physical Education is one of the most powerful mass movers in changing and improving the lives of young people. As such, a key aim of the physical education department is to develop a strong sporting culture within the Academy for both participation and excellence, for all pupils. Through this culture we aim to create a sporting habit for life, to develop pupils who are physically literate. We aim to do this by providing a challenging, disciplined and safe environment for high quality teaching and learning. This is achieved through creating an enjoyable and productive atmosphere for staff and pupils, where we strive to inspire and engage students to participate and achieve. This will enable all pupils to have the motivation, confidence, understanding, knowledge and confidence to make positive lifestyle choices and choose to be active for life.


The year 7 pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum for their Physical education lessons. In their first half term the pupils follow a baseline scheme of work to ensure they are put into the right groupings. Once the pupils are grouped accordingly the pupils will participate and look to improve their knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of activities such as rugby, basketball, dance, gymnastics, badminton, table tennis, cross country, netball and many other sports. Our vision as a department is not only to develop the physical skills of the pupils but also the personal attributes that are needed in society today. We believe it is just as important the pupils develop their leadership, communication and team work skills through PE. Teachers ensure these vital skills are embedded in their lessons.


Similar to the year 7 programme with the pupils following a broad and balanced PE curriculum  through a wide ranging list of PE activities, the pupils are now looking to further improve their own performance by being able to identify areas for improvements.


The year 9 groups are given a number of options to pick from in their practical PE lessons.


These options are:

  1. Performance groups-pupils who want to improve their performance in a variety of sports.

  2. Leadership-pupil who want to develop their leadership, communication and teamwork skills in other areas of PE for example: a coach, a referee or a volunteer.

  3. Duke of Edinburgh - pupils who want to develop their leadership and teamwork skills in an outdoor and adventurous activities setting.

  4. Women, Get, Set, Go - an opportunity for a group of girls to develop their confidence and self-esteem whilst building on leadership and teamwork in a PE setting.

  5. Creative - Pupil are given a chance to look at the more creative side of PE through activities such as gymnastics and dance.


The year 10 groups are now looking at further developing their knowledge, skills and understanding through an activity of their choice.


The activities on offer are:

  1. Rugby Union

  2. Football

  3. Gymnastics

  4. Hockey

  5. Trampolining

  6. Mountain Biking

  7. Table Tennis

  8. Rounders

  9. Athletics

  10. Frisbee

  11. Badminton

  12. Softball

  13. Fitness

  14. Dance

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