Our vision is that Religious Education will allow students the opportunity to explore and engage with life’s ultimate questions – considering their own opinions towards topics as well as a range of religious perspectives. We aim to provide students with the skills required to become reflective and critical thinkers, students who are empowered to understand and respect differing beliefs and cultures, appreciating the strength that arises in diversity, not adversity.


In Humanities year 7 receive a 2 hour curriculum a week where they study three different humanities subjects- History, Geography and Religious Education. They will spend each half term focusing on one subject area, they spend a total of one term on each subject. In Year 8 students benefit from 3 hours of Humanities a week, they spend 2 hours looking at Geography/History and 1 hour a week studying Religious Education. The Humanities curriculum aims to develop the skills of the student in all three subjects whilst teaching content that will provide context required for them to access Humanities subjects at GCSE. SMSC themes run throughout all these topics, and we have a large influence on developing student’s ability to formulate justified opinions and be able to appreciate the opinions of others. Year 9 students start on their GCSE pathway in year 9.


Religious Education gives students an opportunity to explore challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, and other ethical issues. Religious studies provides a great opportunity for students to engage with current issues, developing social, cultural and moral awareness. It encourages philosophical thought and decision making skills, allowing them to discuss and analyse topics they encounter in society and through the media. Religious studies will help students to develop their own values and beliefs, gaining a greater sense of their own identity. Students to learn how to think critically, listen empathetically, speak thoughtfully, and write clearly. Debating, evaluating and analysing are also key skills learnt.


The course includes:

The course follows AQA Specification A, which includes an in-depth study of Christianity and Islam, (beliefs, teachings and practices) and the following themes:


  • Theme B: Religion and life

  • Theme C: The existence of God and revelation

  • Theme D: Religion, peace and conflict

  • Theme E: Religion, crime and punishment


"I enjoy RE lessons because it allows me too explore theological and philosophical questions, and challenge others beliefs. It allows me too think about and scrutinise my own beliefs, and ask questions I wouldn't have thought about before"

- Amber Adebusuyi, Yr9

Miss Mcmahon

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