Science impacts every area of our lives and is vital for the success of future generations. The Science department at Manchester Communication Academy provides the foundations for understanding the application of Science in the world around us.

The Science department strive to ignite and nurture a passion for Science to ensure that we are developing astronomers, engineers, surgeons, research scientists and teachers of the future. A skills based curriculum ensures students develop an understanding of the processes and methods of science through scientific enquiry and practical work and develop skills that allow students the opportunity to take part in scientific discussions that may shape the future of science.


In KS3 our students follow a broad and engaging science curriculum designed to be relevant, develop students experimental and investigative abilities and prepare them for further study at KS4. Students have the opportunity to take part in projects such as the RSPB garden watch or attend trips that enhance their learning in the classroom, for example Chester Zoo or Sharston Recycling centre.


Our broad and in-depth KS3 science curriculum provides every student with the right foundations to study triple science at KS4. The KS4 curriculum focuses on mastering scientific concepts across all disciplines, developing students critical thinking and appreciation of the applications of Science in the modern world.


Students choosing to follow the combined science pathway will gain two GCSE’s in Science. The students will sit either a foundation paper where they can achieve up to a grade 5 or a higher paper where they can achieve up to a grade 9. The exam board used in Science at Manchester Communication Academy is Edexcel.


Textbooks Used in Class for Combined Science:

Revision Cards


Students on the triple science pathway will work towards gaining three single GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students can sit either foundation or higher papers in these subjects. The exam board used in Science at Manchester Communication Academy is Edexcel.

Revision Guides:


Textbooks Used In Class for Triple Science:

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