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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Manchester Communication Academy. I know what an important decision selecting a secondary school is for families. Will my child be happy? Will they be well looked after? Can they achieve academic excellence? Will there be opportunities outside of the classroom? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes. I am extremely proud to be the headteacher of MCA and this is because we put children at the centre of everything we do.


Here at MCA, we encourage all of our learners to be brave, be brilliant, be kind and to let them know that they belong to our family. We support our students to be brilliant in every aspect of their lives, to be a brilliant son/daughter, a brilliant brother/sister, a brilliant friend and a brilliant person. Our students are brilliant because they put everything into their learning that they possibly can. At MCA you can shine in so many aspects of school life, drama, dance, sport, cooking, singing, writing, debating, exploring, discovering. We are relentless in the pursuit of excellence.


Thinking about going to a new school, a much bigger school, with new people and new teachers can be scary. There is absolutely no reason to be scared. Be brave in your decisions, be brave by making the right choices and doing the right thing. At MCA we are risk takers, we push ourselves to the edge of our comfort zones as we know that this is where the magic happens.


Students at MCA are taught many many things, but the most important lesson that our students learn is to be kind to each other, be kind to family, friends and to themselves. If we lead with kindness we will never put a foot wrong. By opening this prospectus and reading this address, you have taken the first step to joining our MCA family. We are a family, we are a team and we look after each other. Our motto at MCA is: With you, For you, About you, as our future class of 2026 we will be with you every step of the way.


I look forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you into our Academy.


Ms Watmough,





Dear Year 6 student


I am delighted that you are considering MCA, you have just made the first step to make the world a better place. We know this because at MCA, great things happen every day and your time with us will build your self-confidence, develop your thinking and prepare you to make a difference in this world.


We realise this step is tricky, it can be anxious but we are so excited to support you on your next step. We want you to be excited and challenged each day at MCA whilst feeling well cared for. We want you to be the best version of yourself each day in order to achieve and be happy and our staff teams and children can’t wait to support you towards your future.


To achieve your best, we realise that we must work in partnership with your parents and carers. They are the experts on you and we will work with them to ensure that you excel here at MCA. There are many hidden talents within you waiting to explode!


Your story is unwritten, your future untold, we are so excited to be part of your journey.


Mr Rowlands,

Executive Principal.


Take a look at our 2020 academy prospectus. This will give you an insight into what to expect when you join our community. Click on the image to view our prospectus.

Prospectus 2020 Final pages 2 -1.jpg


Take a look at our virtual tour video of the academy. This will help you know what to expect when you join us in September.


Take a look at this video to find out more. 



In Art and Design Technology students will experience a rich, enjoyable curriculum, which allows them to engage with a range of creative endorsements and develop a breadth of knowledge. Students will be given opportunities to develop skills that are practical and relevant, in preparation for their future careers. The art and design department have specialist equipment including glass and clay kilns, sewing machines, CAD CAM equipment, laser cutters and 3D printers that the students have the opportunity to create work with during their Art and Design Technology lessons.

Activity 1

Activity 2


In Computing students are taught to be confident in a variety of software packages. The curriculum develops planning, design, research and project management skills which students are able to apply to different scenarios. Students are given insights into how these packages and skills are used in industry settings for real life projects and activities. Students are taught the core concepts of computer systems and networks, data handling, binary, programming and the web. The software used is freely available where ever possible or where we are exposing children to industry standard software, we choose packages which have free alternatives allowing our pupils to continue their work at home.

Activity 1

Images (1 of 11).jpg


The performing arts curriculum allows the students to feel connected to one another and less isolated. Through the arts we share an emotion, and that sharing connects us with each other. The performing arts curriculum encourages a team spirit which is an important socialising force. Students will find their identity in realising their aspirations and ability to express themselves with creativity and imagination. The performing arts lessons cover drama, dance and music where students are able to learn a broad range of skills within each of these areas. The facilities include a drama studio, dance studio, music recording studio and musical practice rooms. Alongside the music lessons students are offered guitar, drumming and singing lessons with our music tutors. Performing arts students are given the opportunity to be a part of the many showcases the department has throughout the year.

Activity 1

Click here for activity 3

Activity 2

Jungle book characters here

Jungle book script here


At MCA, we teach English Language and Literature to deepen students’ understanding of the human experience. We ensure that all of our students are able to express themselves effectively in a variety of forms and contexts which we feel contributes to their long-term security and well-being. It is also our aim to instil a love of scholarly learning and a resilient attitude towards academic rigour. Our curriculum provides the opportunity for students to read a diverse range of literature, whilst inspiring students to read simply for pleasure, both during their school years and beyond. We consider our curriculum to be rich in both knowledge and skills, building upon the students’ experience during primary school.

Activity 2

Activity 1

Activity 3

For the Kid In Space activity click here



The Modern Foreign Languages department aim to open students’ minds to different opportunities and cultures and help them integrate in a global world. To teach students rigour and resilience as well as harvesting a love and a passion for a hidden talent or intrigue for a new language. At Manchester Communication Academy we want to teach communication skills and give our students confidence to become public speakers, prepared for a confident future, empowered to articulate their thoughts and give students ambition to aim high.

Our curriculum covers all aspects of communication, focusing on reading, listening, speaking and writing, teaching the required grammar of the foreign language to enable fluency. We cover topics such as, identity, family life, leisure, travel & tourism, the environment and education, providing students with the context to use and practise their language skills.


Throughout their learning journey students will have the opportunity to experience and learn about festivals and celebrations across the French and Spanish speaking world, to discover the importance of languages in the workplace and to correspond with French and Spanish speakers, further providing a context for language learning. We want our students to enjoy their language learning whilst developing linguistic competency and a deeper understanding and respect for other cultures.

Activity 1


Click here for the activity

At MCA we believe that in order for our students to be successful in the competitive world around us, they must develop a resilient mind set and be prepared to tackle difficult challenges. Our mathematics curriculum is designed to do just that. Our curriculum aims to support students in developing their mathematical fluency with a greater emphasis on problem solving and reasoning. You will be taught by a team of well qualified subject specialists, in an enjoyable learning environment, focusing on applying mathematics to solve every day problems. All whilst preparing you for your next steps.


We celebrate diversity through the history of mathematics in a text rich environment and ensure all students have equitable opportunities for success. At KS3 we have adopted a mastery approach, through intelligent practice and building up experience of different contexts. Students are fluent in the unfamiliar and can apply their skills in any new situation. At GCSE we ensure students receive a more personalised learning experience, focusing on their individual needs to maximise their progress.

We use a range of online platforms to supplement our teaching to ensure every student strives to achieve their best. Homework is set regularly using Mathswatch and the use of diagnostic questions as an assessment tool quickly allows us to identify and close gaps.


Whether you enjoy Maths or don’t feel as confident, you will be championed every step of the way.


Geography is everywhere, Geography is influential, Geography is now!


Our sole aim here at MCA within the geography department is to inspire students to want to know about and explore the world. The world is currently a mixture of wonderful and worrying things, and if we teach our young people to explore the causes and consequences of these we are equipping them with the tools to be able to take part in the world in a way in which they can change it for the better. We are committed to providing as many experiences as possible, inside and outside of the classroom. We embark on many journeys throughout continents in KS3, allowing students to gain a wealth of world knowledge. Students will also be given the opportunity to undertake many different types of fieldwork studies outside of the classroom to give them real life geographical experience, and to further develop their analytical skills. All of the skills they will become proficient in from studying geography will teach skills which are transferable in all areas of work, preparing them for their future for whatever road they choose to travel.

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 4

Activities 2 - 5  Introduction

Activity 3

Activity 5



At MCA we are passionate that our PE curriculum offers a broad and varied approach to a range of sports supported with an extensive ESA programme in order to develop skills, self-esteem, confidence, self-expression and leadership to name a few. The curriculum, competition engagement and activities beyond MCA prepare our students for the world outside of MCA and encouraging participation for life. Our facilities include a large sports hall, multi use games areas, cycling pump track and 3G and 4G pitches.

Activity 2

Activity 4

Activity 1

Activity 3

Activity 5


We believe our RE curriculum engages and inspires pupils, giving them the opportunity to explore life’s ultimate questions, ethical issues and theological beliefs. Students get to consider their own opinions towards topics as well as a range of religious perspectives, developing their knowledge and understanding.


We aim to provide students with the skills required to become reflective and critical thinkers, students who are empowered to understand and respect differing beliefs and cultures, appreciating the strength that arises in diversity, not adversity.

Activity 1


The aim of the science curriculum at Manchester Communication Academy is to aid students in their understanding of science in the world around them and to develop students that are not only strong academically but possess key skills such as resilience, determination and perseverance. Students study a broad curriculum centred around core scientific skills aimed at helping them to understand science in the local community and allowing them the ability to make informed decisions based on scientific fact. Opportunities to try something fun and engaging in science are ample with various extra-curricular activities and projects such as beat the flood and Darwin day.


In our newly built laboratories, students have the opportunity to nurture and develop their practical and critical thinking skills. Students are taught by subject specialists who are experts in the fields of either biology, chemistry and physics. Subject specialists ensure that students are best prepared for KS5 and higher education by teaching an in-depth and challenging curriculum beyond GCSE. All students at MCA have the opportunity to study triple science. Triple science is a highly prestigious course that supports students who want to move into scientific careers. All students who study Triple Science at MCA achieve results well above expected.


Continents in KS3, allowing students to gain a wealth of world knowledge. Students will also be given the opportunity to undertake many different types of fieldwork studies outside of the classroom to give them real life geographical experience, and to further develop their analytical skills. All of the skills they will become proficient in from studying geography will teach skills which are transferable in all areas of work, preparing them for their future for whatever road they choose to travel.

Activity 2

Activity 1

Activity 3

Activity 4


At MCA we have a fantastic range of Extra School Activities that will help you to develop new skills and make new friends ! Every student has to complete two ESAs each week, but there are so many to choose from that some  students do three or even four ! This is literally a snapshot of some of the amazing activities you can enjoy.

Please check out our curriculum page to see more examples of the ESAs that MCA students got involved in last year

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 09.29.50.png


To apply for a place at MCA please visit:


You will need to set up for an account on this site if you do not have one.


Once you are logged in you will be able to submit an application for 

Manchester Communication Academy.


You will be given the option to apply for 3 schools using the one form.


Please input all of the required information onto the form.


The deadline for school applications is 5pm on Monday 2 November 2020.


If your child lives in another local authority, please apply for school places through the Council that you pay your council tax to, even if you wish to apply for a school that comes under Manchester City Council.


Having trouble with the application process? E-mail: to book a slot with one of our team.

If you are ready to apply please click here

How To Apply
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