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The KS3 music curriculum involves a variety of opportunities for students to explore, create and become exposed to a wide range of music styles such as; world music, film music, pop/rock and improvisation. Each lesson provides a chance for the students to listen, perform and grow as musicians. Students will learn to identify key aspects and features of listening to music through different styles and genres. Students will also work on their composition skills to create their own music and perform it with their peers. We have a number of opportunities for pupils to perform, ranging from singing solo performances to playing in a samba or rock band.


KS4 music students can choose to study Edexcel GCSE at the beginning of Y9. The course is suited to all students who are particularly strong in performing music, from Singers to Pianists. The skills and knowledge learnt throughout the course enables all students to become a fully rounded musician and also is a good stepping stone to continue with music study at KS5. Some Skills and Knowledge gained on this course are:


  • In depth Musical Vocabulary

  • 8 Set works (2 from each study area - Instrumental Music,Vocal Music,Stage & Screen & Fusion)

  • Dictating Music

  • Analysing Set Works

  • Highly Developed listening Skills

  • Building Confidence & Resilience

  • Music Theory

  • How to Compose


The course consists of 3 units: Performing (30%) Composing (30%) Listening & Appraising (40%)


RSL Music: KS4 music students can chose to study RSL Level 2 Music Practitioners Technical Award. This course is best suited for our instrumentalists (drummers and guitarists). Some of the skills required on this course are:


  • Appropriate knowledge of repertoire for performance  

  • Understanding the nature of the performance and the performance environment

  • Understanding of the relevant personal, musical and peripheral equipment required for performance  

  • Ability to perform repertoire as required  

  • Ability to safely and efficiently set up personal equipment for performance as required

  • Strategies for overcoming nerves  

  • Techniques for communicating with other musicians/the audience and presentation skills

The course consists of three core units (two internally assessed and one externally assessed). These include: Instrumental Study, Music Knowledge and Live Music Performance.

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